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Wood Burning Fireplaces 

Wood burning fireplaces are known for providing the sounds and aroma that only a wood burning fire can give. Families gather around the comfort of a wood burning fire to enjoy time together. Nothing says home quite lik the crackle and glow of a wood burning fire. 

American Chimney & Fireplace, Inc. offers true craftsmanship and a solid performance in everything we do. Keep you and your family warm with a wood burning fireplace with a host of products to choose from for your personal preference. 

Wood Burning Products 

With a wide variety of wood burning products to choose from, we make a wood burning fireplace the ideal choice that will give you the solid performance you would expect. 

We offer state of the art technology that utilizes the firebox chamber and a fully lined refractory system that allows you to burn a long lasting fire all day or overnight. 

Our wood burning products warm the home not the environment. Providing wood burning products that are environmentally friendly and exceed the EPA's standards for clean burning and low emissions, not only keeping you safe but the environment as well. 

You can rely on the comfort of your wood burning fireplace even in a snow storm when the power goes out. You will be sure to stay warm and cozy when you need it most. 

Wood burning fireplaces are safe as ever and energy efficient. With the benefits of the no electricity use, you'll always have the warmth of the wood burning fireplace no matter what. With the technological advantages of wood burning fires now you can feel good knowing that it is safe to burn a long lasting fire all day or even overnight. 

American Chimney & Fireplace, Inc. keeping you warm and safe with wood burning fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA.