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• Chimney Liners
• Dampers and Chimney Covers
• Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces
• New Hearth Fireplace Surrounds
• Draft Problems Correct
• Chimneys Rebuilt, Relined, and Re-pointed
• Top Caps
• Mantels
• Fireplace Refacing

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A fireplace can bring new life and a classic ambiance to any room. If you are searching for a new way to infuse life and style into a living room or bedroom, a new fireplace installation may be the solution for you. You may also have existing fireplaces that require a much-needed upgrade or refinishing. Our experienced and skilled staff knows what it takes to make an old fireplace look brand new again. We will work with you to evaluate your existing fireplace situation and chimney capabilities, and provide a recommendation and estimate based on your needs. We specialize in chimneys that are in need of repair, and can work to improve not only the aesthetics but also the safety of your chimney. With an amazing range of options, you are sure to find a solution to bring a fresh environment to any room in your home. Trust in us to bring you the best fireplace installation in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Our fireplace installation services include: 

• Thorough Inspection – We perform an in-home evaluation of your fireplace and chimney, and make recommendations based on your desires and the existing parameters. 

• Fireplace Options – Prior to installation, we offer a comprehensive explanation of our complete fireplace options. We will guide your through the process, outline the pros and cons of wood-burning versus gas fireplaces, and help you choose the best model for your home. 

• Installations and Upgrades – Once you have made a decision about the best fireplace for you, we perform any needed work on the mantel, as well as ensure chimney function and safety. We can also help you to upgrade your existing fireplace, or simply refresh a fireplace in need of repair. 

We at American Chimney & Fireplace are excited to help you choose the best fireplace for your home or business. With our passion for fireplaces, we know you will be satisfied with our product options and service solutions. If you're looking to upgrade, let us help you design a fireplace to add ambiance and value to your already beautiful home. Contact our offices today to learn more about why people are living comfortably after getting serviced by our fireplace experts!