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• Chimney Liners
• Dampers and Chimney Covers
• Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces
• New Hearth Fireplace Surrounds
• Draft Problems Correct
• Chimneys Rebuilt, Relined, and Re-pointed
• Top Caps
• Mantels
• Fireplace Refacing

American Chimney & Fireplace, Inc. is an excellent provider of chimney services in Pittsburgh, PA. We have been in business for over 17 years providing our clients with exceptional chimney options. Our services include the maintenance and installation of chimney parts. We specialize in the following areas:

Chimney Top Caps, Dampers, and Clay Pots - These ornaments not only make the chimney aesthetically pleasing, they serve practical functionalities. Some of them are designed to prevent small animals from entering the chimney, others are designed to reduce the amount of heat that escapes from the chimney when it is not in use (warm air from your home).

Chimney Pointing – over time, the chimneys experience wear. The bricks that construct the chimney are can become loosened—mortar that binds bricks decay from weather exposure. Our services can rebuild and repoint your chimney! You’ll be amazed at the renewed looks we have been able to achieve. Take a look at our gallery!

Chimney Crowning – has the same functionality as chimney tops. We hand make chimney crownings out of cement. You can expect our chimney crownings to come in a variety of designs and be an exquisite piece that accentuates your roofing.

Chimney Liners – are a relatively new innovation in chimney architecture. Chimneys are subject to more than just smoke, burning firewood produces excess water vapor. As we explained in the chimney pointing section, mortar decomposes when it is subject to weather. Mortar is exposed inside the chimney stack. Liner protects inner mortar, clay and brick from deterioration. Our chimney liner is an ideal investment for any modern chimney owner!

We can also perform inspections on request! We are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations in our work ethic and service! Come to American Chimney & Fireplace, Inc. when you need high-quality chimney repair and chimney services!