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• Chimney Liners
• Dampers and Chimney Covers
• Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces
• New Hearth Fireplace Surrounds
• Draft Problems Correct
• Chimneys Rebuilt, Relined, and Re-pointed
• Top Caps
• Mantels
• Fireplace Refacing

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Wood burning fireplaces brings an immediate feeling of safety and comfort to any room. With classic images of families curled up around the crackling fire, wood burning fireplaces are a place to share stories and make memories. At American Chimney & Fireplace, we want to make dream a reality, and our outstanding wood-burning fireplaces offer peak quality and effortless appeal for your home. We know that our line of work will be a perfect match for your home, as we offer the very best wood burning fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA. 

With your wood-burning fireplace purchase, we offer: 

• Consultation - We evaluate your fireplace options for mantels, re-facing, and any chimney concerns. We develop an estimate that is based on your needs. 

• Design the Mantel area for Fireplace Insert – Let your wood-burning fireplace have maximum impact, with a beautiful mantel and fireplace insert design. 

• Highest Quality Wood burning Fireplace Insert - Our fireplaces are recognized as premium wood-burning inserts. They offer patented technology for low emissions and energy efficiency. 

• Fireplace Installation Experts – We are the leading installers of wood-burning fireplaces. We deliver the best service for your fireplace installation, and the many outstanding customer reviews support our installation excellence. 


We also offer a full range of products for your chimney, including: 

  • Chimney Crowns 
  • Chimney Lining Systems 
  • Rain Caps 
  • Dampers 
  • Clay Pots 
Our satisfied customers regularly recognize our outstanding wood fireplace services. With a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction, we have built our reputation over the past 23 years by relying on word of mouth referrals and recommendations. Our goal is to maintain this high level of excellence and customer recognition as we expand to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. To find out more about why a wood-burning fireplace may be the perfect choice for your home, contact our offices today!